I work mostly with leather, denim or canvas so if you have a piece of clothing you'd like customised made of something else I'm happy to see if it would be possible. I usually start by creating a few sketches to give my clients a few options with their ideas in mind to create the best outcome. I then tend to document the process to keep my clients updated, to allow the option of any minor changes.

An advanced payment of £20 must be made for any sketches created for the item you wish to customise.

You can either send me the item you wish to have customised or I can meet up with you to pick it up.

Payments are often done through bank transfer or paypal, although I do also accept cash.

If by any chance you are unhappy with the end result I will try my best to fix it, although all sales are final and I won't be able to do a refund.

Do not hesitate to send me a message regarding prices, ideas, designs or any other queries.

If you wish to purchase one of my ready-made designs please check out my Etsy shop by clicking here.